Access Control at Shopping Centres

Access control at Shopping Centres has changed over the last couple of years due to various reasons.

Boomgate Systems has been involved for over 20 years in supplying solutions to the retail industry.

Just over 20 years ago we saw the introduction of Pay on Foot (POF) Parking Management Systems. This was a game changer to the parking industry. This meant better control for revenue collection, more money in the pockets of Shopping Centres.

This was the beginning of a big change to the Parking Access Control Industry.

Equipment needed to be more reliable as breakdowns meant lack of control and loss of revenue.

Traffic Barriers had to be more intelligent than before.

Boom gate Systems had a Barrier that just did that, our Boomgate Systems Revenue Barrier. The Revenue Barrier was replaced with an even better barrier when more security was required with our Scorpion Spike Barrier. Boomgate Systems Scorpion Spike Barrier was and is still the barrier of choice as we have the most amount of Spike Barriers installed at Shopping Centres than any other manufacturer.

We have Spike Barriers installed at the Mall of Africa, The Mall of the South, Cresta Centre Festival Mall, to name a few.

Our Scorpion Spike Barrier comes with a Patented Emergency Raise Trigger Input as well as Tamper Alarm Outputs. Our Scorpion Spike Barrier offers protection from both directions for entry and exit. Our Scorpion Spike Barrier is known for its durability and reliability with it 100% duty cycle, our Scorpion Spike Barriers can operate 24/7

Criminals also became cleverer when targeting customers at Shopping Malls, and again we had to come up with better products and ideas to stop them. Boomgate Systems double interlocking barrier system did just that. Boomgate Systems Rapid Barrier combined with its all new Scorpion Rapid Spike Barrieris the best solution.

The two Barriers together creates an interlocking system that makes it impossible for Tailgating, when two cars follow each other. Tailgating is not possible at all using Boomgate Systems Double Interlocking System. Our barrier has become more visible, that is when Boomgate Systems had started installing LED lights on the Boom Arm and the cabinets itself. This is what makes Boomgate Systems the industry leader when it comes to vehicle access control.

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