Compass Cylindrical Attack Proof Cubical

Compass Cylindrical Attack Proof Cubical


This cylindrical cubical was manufactured for the Reserve Bank of Mauritius to their specification but was designed and engineered by Boomgate Systems.  It is a one of a kind “attack proof” to a specification of ARL-1.  Based on the humidity and the proximity to the ocean the entire cubical was constructed using 316-grade stainless steel.

The key features of this unique access control cubical are:

  • Two 220v AC torque motors are used for sliding the ARL1 curved doors, these motors will push the door open and closed;
  • A mechanical damper will slow the door down just before it reaches its fully open and fully closed position. This is to slow the door down;
  • Once the door is closed, it will be locked with a 500kg magnetic lock;
  • The door will have a safety strip on the leading edge of the door, if the door hits an obstacle while it is closing, the safety sensor will trigger the control logic to re-open the door again;
  • The control logic is a PLC type controller combined with a booth controller to interlock the two doors;
  • The doors will be triggered to open with infrared sensors mounted on the outside of the door;
  • The door will be able to open and close from a secondary control panel.

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