Securing access to NKP

When it comes to national key points and securing them, Boomgate Systems has been responsible for designing new systems to protect many such locations.

For its latest national key point project, Boomgate had to secure all vehicle access points. Boomgate installed three Glide Master Retractable Speed Gates as the second line of defence.

The speed gates for this application are 4,5 m wide x 3,8 m high, and its opening time is four seconds. This is very impressive considering the size and weight of the speed gates. They are opened and closed with specially designed motors that come with a mechanical lock as well as electrically controlled brakes to ensure that the gates are always locked in the closed position. Boomgate Systems speed gates can be installed with a bottom rail, top rail or without any rail system.


The first line of defence for this project was Boomgate’s Warrior Hydraulic Bollards combined with its Warrior Static Bollards. With ratings up to PASS 68, the system will stop a 7500 kg vehicle travelling at 80 km/h. Furthermore, all these systems, supplied with a Full Lock Down and Emergency Function, are electronically interlocked to increase security. The gates can also be remotely controlled from secure control rooms.

Boomgate Systems has also added a new product to its portfolio, namely the G1 – G3 Anti Bandit Doors as well as Ballistic Doors and glass panels. The Anti Bandit Doors are used to control access into the bulletproof guard houses and control rooms to protect security personnel.

“We have seen an increase in demand for all the above products, especially after the KZN riots and the looting thereof. More customers are securing their own premises as national key points,” says Boomgate’s Andre Rossouw.

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