Anti-Terror Products vs. Vehicle Control

Anti-terror products and Vehicle control products are similar in many ways but each one works better in different settings to provide the best security and control measures.

Vehicle access control products help you have control over the vehicles entering and exiting your premises. This increases your security, allows easy entry for authorised personnel and to control who else has access to the premises. This vehicle access control solution is an effective solution for office parks, security estates, and logistical depots. With this solution, you can ensure the security of your personnel and your business. You are also ensuring the safety of the premises and the vehicles parked on the premises.

Anti-terror access control products, although similar, are different from vehicle access control vehicles. Anti-terror access control products offer high-security restrictions in sensitive areas. This includes products such as spike barriers, road blockers, and stainless steel bollards. This is to provide total physical security and anti-terror protection. Anti-terror protection is protection against acts of terror. This could include robbery, theft, and premises with a high risk of terror. Designed to provide security to high terror risk premises such as banks, parliament, hospitals, airports, embassies and high-security offices.

These systems act as security and control measures for premises to ensure their security. It is important to understand what kind of system is necessary for your premises. Whether it be an area with a high risk of terror or an area that simply requires vehicle access control.

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