turnstilesBoomgate Systems has been manufacturing turnstiles for 24 years. Our turnstiles are exported
worldwide and we are the only manufacturer that offers a 15 year mechanical warranty.
Our turnstiles are found in prisons, mines, factories, warehouses, residential estates – wherever you
want to control or restrict the movement of people.
Boomgate Systems turnstile are branded under the following registered trademarks:
• Twister
• Tornado
• Hurricane
• Cyclone


Twister turnstiles are the smallest of them all. The Twister 3-arm Waist Height Turnstile is
commonly used in reception areas, lift lobbies, canteens and gyms. It offers low level of security and
are generally installed where you have personnel supervising these areas.
The Twister Waist Height Turnstile comes in various models:
• Mechanically Free-Wheeling in one direction – like supermarkets to control pedestrian flow
in a direction.
• Combination of Mechanical and Electronic Locking Mechanism that is linked to an access
control system that controls who has access to an area.
• Fully Automated with brushless servo motor technology. The fully automated Twister Waist
Height Turnstile is ideal to combat Covid as the user does not have to use his hands to gain

Tornado Turnstiles are the full height range and comes in single full height and double full height
with 3-arm, 4-arm and 5-arm configurations.
The Tornado Turnstile also comes with two options:
• Combination of Mechanical and Electronic Locking Mechanism with an industry first 15 year
mechanical warranty
• Fully automated with brushless servo motor technology.

The Tornado Full Height Turnstile can be used in various applications. The Tornado Full Height
Turnstile offers high level of security due to its physical size. For that reason, it is used to keep
people out of areas that need to be controlled.
The Tornado Full Height Turnstile is commonly used to help control Time and Attendance for the

The Tornado Full Height Turnstile can be also equipped with a bicycle gate where the user walks
through the turnstile while pushing his bicycle through a fully automated gate.
The Tornado Full Height Turnstile is exported worldwide. Boomgate Systems has come up with an
innovative design to allow the turnstile to be dismantled and flat-packed to make it as small as
possible to reduce the cost of freight.

The Tornado Full Height Turnstile is manufactured from mild steel, stainless steel and mild steel
galvanised. Mild steel turnstiles are epoxy coated with an exterior application to withstand our
harsh environment conditions.

The Hurricane Full Height Mantrap Turnstile is the ultimate turnstile to use for ultra high security
applications where the main focus is security and positive identification of personnel and accurate
head count. The Hurricane Mantrap Turnstile main function is to ensure that the person who is
using the turnstile is positively identified and has entered the premises. The Hurricane Mantrap
Turnstile is the only turnstile that can achieve this and that is why the Hurricane Mantrap Turnstile is
commonly used in Mining Applications. Boomgate Systems has supplied over 300 Hurricane
Mantrap Turnstiles to the Dept of Correctional Services through a System Integrator to control
visitors and personnel throughout the prison.

The Hurricane Mantrap Turnstile is controlled with one Biometric Reader inside the turnstile and not
with readers on the outside of the turnstile. So that the Hurricane Mantrap Turnstile can be
equipped with Alcohol Breathalyser Detection Devices to prevent people who are over the
permitted alcohol level to gain access.

The mode of operation is as follows:
The person walks into the Hurricane Mantrap Turnstile and the user gets locked inside a secured
cubicle. Once you are inside the locked cubicle the user must be identified by the access control
system to allow or to refuse access. No person from the outside can assist the person inside the
cubicle commonly known as buddy clocking to gain access. If access is allowed, the user can only
exit in the opposite direction he came from. So you can’t clock yourself in without physically
entering the premises. This feature is extremely valuable to the mines where you must know that if
10 people clocked in that they are in the premises, especially underground workers.

Cyclone Turnstiles comes in two options:
• Full Height
• Half Height
• 3-arm configurations

Boomgate Systems Cyclone Half Height Turnstile is mainly used to control access in controlled
reception areas and lift lobbies.
Cyclone Turnstiles are manufactured with stainless steel and glass. The combination of the two
materials make this turnstile look very aesthetically pleasing and is the number one choice for
upmarket entrance control.

The Cyclone Full Height Turnstile is used for the same reason as the Half Height Turnstile but it offers
high level of security.
The full range of turnstiles are available at the Boomgate Experience Centre for viewing.

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