Scorpion Spike Barriers – High Security

Boomgate Systems has 24 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of Spike Barriers.

There is no surprise that Boomgate Systems Scorpion Spike Barrier is the number 1 choice for shopping malls. Boomgate Systems has the most amount of spike barriers than any other manufacturers installed at shopping malls.

Boomgate Systems has single direction spike barriers, surface and flush mount. This spike barrier has one function and that is to control traffic flow in a specific direction.


Boomgate Systems has 4 different models of fully automated Scorpion Spike Barriers:

• 220V Spike Barrier
• 24V Rapid Spike Barrier and 220V battery back up
• 12V Battery Back-Up Scorpion Spike Barrier
• New 24V Turbo high speed Scorpion Spike Barrier

Spike Barriers are designed to control high risk areas that are prone to vehicle theft. The Scorpion Spike Barrier is designed with reliability and durability in mind.

Boomgate Systems has a patented emergency lock down systems that allows for the spikes to be raised in case of emergency to secure the site.

When considering spike barriers, it’s important to look at how many motors does the spike barrier have, one or two? One motor has a disadvantage if you force the boom arm up, you lower the spikes at the same time because of the mechanical link between the boom arm and spike. Boomgate Systems Scorpion Spike Barrier comes standard with two motors so you have independent control over the boom arm and spikes. If you force the boom arm up, the spikes will not lower.

Another important feature that the Scorpion Barrier has is that it has a single spike, this offers protection in both directions. Double facing spikes have one big defect due to their “V” shape, you simply have to place a pipe on top of the “V” of the spikes and you can safely drive over them without causing damage to your tyres.

Boomgate Systems Scorpion Spike Barriers are exported worldwide, Boomgate Systems has supplied over 100 spike barriers to the National Ports Authority.

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